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meet our chief creative -
Tiffany Newman

Hailing from the creative hub of Melbourne Australia, Tiffany has worked as a creative in the fashion, lifestyle & hospitality industries for over 5 years. Having worked with a number of well know fashion brands in Australia including We Are Handsome, OnceWas, Fifth Avenue Collection & CA Jewellery, Tiffany shared her knowledge and skills of social media, content and brand storytelling with students of RMIT University, becoming a course facilitator and lecturer for four years.

Now based between South East Asia & Australia Tiffany’s focus on brand identity, strategy, content marketing & social media management has allowed her to work with incredible, innovative clients based in hospitality and tourism. From the likes of Koloni Restaurant & Cafe, Blue Karma Secrets luxury resorts & villa, Eko Cafe Bali, Alamayah Boutique Hotel & Good Living Asia, Tiffany and her team have brought to life the story within each of these brands through strong brand identity, content story telling, social media roll out & influencer campaigns.

Tiffany also works with businesses to mentor & teach the necessary skills and knowledge to manage their own social media & content needs.

See more of Tiffany’s professional journey via her instagram @tiffanymarienewman

Photography courtesy of Mira Suarsana.